How to get a girl to reply to your message?


It seems online dating and hookup apps have already taken control of our BBW dating market whether for relationships or one night hookups. There are hundreds and thousands of such hookup apps with dozens of times of people using them. It is surveyed that the number of female users is much less than that of males, which arises a question for male users: how to be the lucky one out of the numerous counterparts? As a matter of fact, with so many choices for females, males often are ignored by female users. This is the number one headache for male users. How to get girls to reply you? Are you thinking about the same question? Here are the answers.

The best advice we can give you is: Although there are many good ways to get in touch with girls, there are also many scary ways which cannot make them reply to you, they will even block you once and for all. There are some must in the first message. In return, there are also some mustn’t. To make sure you won’t be labeled with a tag of being perverted and dangerous, you need to prevent such things as follow. Here are the most awful three things to do.

Hey, wanna curvy dating or make love? I am so horny. Why is it not helpful? Telling her you are horny is useless because she doesn’t care. She doesn’t want to know what your matters are and don’t care a fuzz. Maybe only girls who charge for their service will be interested in your offer with the condition that you have something to offer them as well, namely, money. Therefore, do not mention sexual related topic when you first text her. You can indicate your intentions by using some explicit word such as a good time, but never ever being too blunt.

I want to be in your body, are you ready for it? Again, this is a violation of hit up rules. Girls don’t want to be involved with guys who are too aggressive and forthright in sexual behaviors, because females who are involving with such kind of guys would usually give people an impression of slutty and profligate. No woman would want that.

I am very good at this. Let me please you. Women like confident and experienced men, but they don’t want slippery and unctuous ones. They like to grasp the illusion and they know it is just illusion, but they still love it, because it makes them feel special. They would think you choose them for a reason instead of the fact that you are just in desperate need of a person to sleep with. Don’t tell them they are just one of your triumphs.

So we have covered things you shouldn’t say when you first get in touch with her. You might be more confused than you already were. If you think hitting up should be a lot easier, then you are totally right, once you get start. With all being said, you should start off right now.