Three things tell you he’s just not that into you for BBW women


How do you tell if your hookup date is ready to jump off a cliff and kill himself, or if he's leaving your company for good? This is usually obvious, but with the rise of "fair play", some people may be cunning enough to keep their options open. So what should a BBW girl do? There are many articles that tell you what to look for when he likes you, but women and men can also read these articles. They know how to play the game.

Here are some secrets that men usually can't hide. If you find one of these, chances are you're already in friends' territory, and without the help of excessive alcohol and the "right time, right place" strategy, your BBW dating relationship won't change anytime soon. Keep your poker face, figure out what he's doing…

1.He came to you because "you're a curvy girl, and she said…"

Yes. Unless his description refers to your own curvy dating relationship, he is not referring to you. He's using your knowledge of the female brain to his own advantage. If a man doesn't make it clear that he's in a relationship with you, he's probably just playing with you. A man who really wants to have a serious relationship with you will let everyone know about your chubby dating relationship.

2.If he doesn't talk to you. In all.

Well, this should be a simple question, but we women have a habit of convincing ourselves that the man we're talking about is in love, shy, very, very shy. He isn't. If you find that your partner is shy or not active enough, talk to him. Because a man who truly loves you is not shy or passive about the woman he loves.

3.He treats you as if he were a friend.

You know. Challenge yourself to a drink at a bar, borrow money from a taxi, get yourself into trouble at the bar, talk to the hot chick at the pool table… Either accept it as friendship and nothing more, or have a showdown with him and accept the consequences. If a man is just treating you like a friend, chances are he's just treating you like a friend or he doesn't like you as much as you think he does. Because in front of the loved one, the man's behavior is always special.