Bad Days in a Dating App


I am just an ordinary girl who doesn’t have a rich life circle and most importantly, I don’t want to go out especially I will meet someone I don’t know at all. As a result, knewing new friends can be very hard for me. On the one hands, after graduation, with no fixed knowning people, less people are willing to hang out with me.On the other hand, I prefer to lie on the sofa and watch my favorite sopa operas. 

However, my mother is always encouraing me to go out to see more people. The more she wants, the less I will do. This is a fight between a daughter and a mother. But since I ended up my last love relationship, I decided to make some change. After a serious consideration, I decided to download some BBW dating app. On the one hand, I can saty at home to know new people which will give me a sense of security and on the other hand, I can this way can stop my mother’s complaing. And I want to tell you two bad experience of mine in curvy dating apps.

The first hookup dating app is new. My coworked recommended it to me because she told me she had found her boyfriend in this app. So I was so excited because I really found someone new. How to say, after I registered, I filled in some basic personal information. and I started my journey. To tell you the truth, after I boarded, I kept smiling when seeing the users’ profiles. 

Why? Because I found that most boys were very handsome and had good personality. Within half an hour, I matched almost five boys. This number was not high but enough for me. Then, I talked to them a lot. Maybe it was because I thought a lot of handsome guys chatting with me, I felt a little proud. As a result, my demands were getting higher and higher. But there was only one handsome guy I had offline hookup date with. I talked to that handsome guy for at least a month, and then he asked me out to see a movie. 

Everything was going well. I even wonder whether I should tell him I like him. After all, modern lady should be more active. However, things seemed to be different from as I thought. He told me he had a boyfriend but he didn't mind having another girlfriend. I was shocked at that time. Do handsome people play like this? Then, I found an excuse and said goodbye decisively. After that date, both me us tacited not to disturb each other. The every next day, I chatted with another boy and this time, I was lucky enough but also, I didn’t meet him until I had chatted with him for about one month. I was afraid he might like boys, and I asks him about this question. I knew this might be a little rude but I didn’t want to have the same experience . And he didn’t reply. I guess he thought I was rude.

Fine, I am still using this dating app and I can find suitable people earierly.