My Adventure for Using an Online Dating App


Last summer, I broke up with my boyfriend as I found he was dating with someone else. I hated him, at first, he said he would change. But I couldn’t lie to myself. As a result, I still insisted on breaking up with him. I was in deeply pain and I didn’t want the people who cared with to worry about me so much so I just said I was OK. To be honest, I really wanted to find someone who could listen to me carefully and wouldn’t worry me so much. 

But if I just find a stranger in real life and told him/her what I was goinf through could me me weird in my eyes. We could imagine that if a person who you didn’t know at all was trying to make you know her private thing, you might think this person is dangerous and weird. So, I searched some ways and I finally decided to register in a BBW dating app to see if I could find someone with enough luck.

I found a dating app who was famous for hookups at first, but I didn’t want a hookup at all. On the first day, I recieved over 10 chats but mostly, boys were telling me if I had interest in hooking up with them. This was terrible for me and I said no directly. I totally lost my interest in this hookup app. So I asked for help if anyone can recommended me sone reliable hookup dating app for making new friends. I published this question on YouTuber and FB. I had received over 20 answers in an afternoon. And I got a dating app which was famous for making real friends. I registered in this app.

I had to say in this reliable app, I was very happy. After being an user in it, I just received one hookup message and other people just wanted to chat with me. This was a good chance for me, I thought. And I started a chat with a girl near my city. Yes, she told me she had the same feeling as me and she just broken up with her boyfriend. We were very excited and i asked her out for a movie and most importantly, we could complained our boyfriends together. You couldn’t imgaine the influence of complaining with a girl wh had the same experience with you. 

At least, I had to say, I was released after that day. I realized that this painful experience would be gone through by every ordinary person. She told me she would love herself more and found the next good lover. I totally agreed with her. And we become friends since that time. Even today, we may hang out once a month and complain sone bad boys together. And I also wanted to mention that I met a boy in this dating app and he was gentle and sweet. Each time I said something, he would show great interests but we hadn’t seen each other yet. When things go well, I may see him.

Let’s back to the topic, this is my adventure in a reliable dating app, how about yours?